Thursday, January 8, 2009

Into the New Year, Cold and Chilly

The rain has been steadily pouring for most of the morning. It's the kind of day you'd want to spend in bed, writing in your journal, watching dvds or knitting or whatever relaxation floats your boat. Alas, it's a work day. Been thrust into sudden event planning yesterday, continuing today.

I've had two cups of strong tea and my mind is still slowly waking up. (I decided to steer clear of coffee to manage my sleep schedule and lower stress levels.)

Success before noon:

Finalizing the Caccam-Perez Reunion dates with my dad and Tita Rebecca! They have also finalized the Agape Springs Reunion in Cavite and the Baguio Centennial Reunion at the Baguio Country Club immediately following.

My cousin Carol, whom I haven't seen since I was little, is finally visiting with her husband Mike!

Planning stage:

Cavite reunion menu and purchasing. (We don't get outside caterers for this as we have talented and experienced cooks in the family.)

Support candid photography. I suppose we are hiring an official photographer for the Baguio event to do the posed family pix thang, but Joy and I are doing the "journalistic" shots. Next we choose only 50 shots max and scoot over to the nearest Digibooks to have the hardcover printed copies made before Uncle Tony leaves for the US on April 20. He can distribute from there. If we don't have time, dvds will do.

Family tree - Uncle Bobby will take care of this but I think I need to provide a registration book from which to make a database.

*Keeping my fingers crossed that logistics will be as smooth as we can plan for.*