Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Mercury Retrograde

I'd like to blame Mercury retrograde (which began last March 2) for my Powerbook being sent to the shop. Had the lcd replaced (for worrying onscreen fuzzy lines)and when the techie and I were checking the stats, the unit wouldn't read the RAM in the lower slot. He said that was a problem in the 1.5Ghz and 1.67Ghz Powerbooks (mine is a 1Ghz model), so unfortunately when we checked my Powerbook's serial number in the recall list, it wasn't included in the model series. My RAM went down from 768mb to 512mb!!! WAHHH!!! Am considering trading in my two 512mb's to buy 1G RAM if it comes out that the machine can only read one RAM at a time. Fortunately my techie was very conscientious and asked to keep my unit in the shop an additional 2 days until he could figure out how to fix the RAM reading. They really give good service there (a well-known Apple reseller based in Quezon City).

Oddly enough, Joy's 128mb flash drive also conked out and had to be replaced. My first Canon digital camera, the A60 (which Joy was using) also had to be repaired, fortunately within warranty).

The last time Mercury retrograde came 'round (November last year) some of my computer equipment began exhibiting problems. Fortunately, all of those problems were solved (but at a cost, damn).

Let's hope it passes quickly.