Monday, September 1, 2008

National Bookstore Mid-Year Book Sale

Last weekend Tristan, Joy and I decided to have lunch in Galleria and visit Bestsellers, National Bookstore's "books only, no school supplies" outlet. Joy was hunting for those Japanese magazines with the cute crochet and crafting designs. On an earlier foray to the National side of the mall, she saw the magazines went for PhP 85 each. At Bestsellers, they were also PhP 85 each, only some had further discounts if you looked really closely. Then the very helpful staff there suggested that we look for stuff we wanted because when the Mid-Year Book Sale started, trade books would be from 20-40% off! She also said we could RESERVE books and get them the first morning of the sale (ie., Aug. 28, Thursday). Now isn't that just great.

We returned to Bestsellers as promised Thursday morning, when Galleria was still clear of shoppers. The discounts were amazing! Joy got the Japanese magazines at PhP 65 each, and I got a couple of hardcover trade books for 40% off! So we decided to visit National's main branch in Gateway (near the Bread Talk entrance) yesterday. The entire top floor was 50% off!!! Some trade books I got were priced at PhP 300 and lower!!! Some books marked "POB" were marked PhP 100 and even then were scanned in at PhP 50!!! Okay, that's a lot of exclamation points, and I meant every bit of them.

I think it'll run till Sept. 15 weekend. You know what that means :) More muscles from weightlifting, and a lighter wallet...