Friday, November 28, 2008

At The Movies: Twilight

Let's get this out of the way: I've already watched Twilight, and while Rob Pattinson is hot, the movie is just okay. Yes, I watched the first show on the first day. I didn't relish having to watch it on a weekend surrounded by noisy teens. While at the Shangri-la mall cinema lobby waiting for Joy and Tristan to arrive from True Value I felt like I were waiting for my teenage daughter to come out of the toilet with shining eyes. (Except of course I have no teenage daughter, and if I had one I'd tell her to just borrow the book and spend her book money on Neil Gaiman instead, or even a Moleskine.) And there WERE lots of swooning teens. Boys, girls, gays.

You should have heard the collective sighs, gasps and titterings in the audience. Oddly, instead of being irritated, it made me smile a bit. These kids hold so much hope for romance to triumph over the moral dilemma of un-death! You know how kids are: they like appearing simultaneously fragile and yet impervious to harm. (I secretly think it's us adults who are the more fragile, sometimes, because we have to take a lot of things seriously. I can't make fun of teens watching Twilight, I went to see Nights In Rodanthe with the same glazed look in my eyes.)

I suppose you don't need to be in the rainy wilds of Washington or Alaska to dig the vampire scene. According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer there is a Twilight Coven Philippines. Hey, don't you knock cosplay. Apart from enthusiasm, imagination and attitude all you may need are some disposable hazel contacts, a regular wash with Vicki Belo Whitening Soap, a nice berry lipstain from Watsons and a regular trip to the market for your fresh dinuguan fix. Don't forget the ultimate accessory, some gangly dude with ostrich lashes and Bench hair gel so young he can't remember Robert Smith of The Cure, plain egg whites and black nailpolish the first time around. Then you can practice clinging onto his back while he tries to work out at the wall-climbing corner of the gym...