Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 Questions

1) How's the health situation?

Entering second month of daily thyroid medicine. Will have size of cyst checked soon.

2) What's on the needles?

I finished a prototype penholder with flap meant for a single fountain pen. It's in olive green worsted acrylic. Still haven't started the 2-pen holder. Still haven't planned a multi-pen wrap based on a pattern originally meant to hold a set of crochet hooks.

3) Last restaurant you dined at, not in your neighborhood?

Ying Ying tea house on the corner of Yuchengco and Dasmarinas Sts., in Binondo. Recommended: Oyster pancake Hong Kong-style. Flatter and crunchy on the sides. Good for 4, family-style sharing.

4) Last restaurant you dined at, in your neighborhood?

Pancake House Metrowalk, where I had a lovely breakfast date with TDM. Instead of Bacon Waffles I had the Cheese this time. Yummy, but Bacon is still my favorite.

5) Most recent writing activity?

Not counting work and emails, today I wrote 3 snail letters in various fountain pen ink colors, to Cathy, Richard and Lucia. I just realized orange ink is a yummy color, in a broad nib.

6) What are you currently watching?

I downloaded the BBC's gothic and more stylish version of Buffy, Hex, seasons 1 and 2 (2004). I watched it on AXN last year and find it's still enjoyable watching it over again. Alas, the series was not renewed. However it's made me a fan of young British actress Jemima Rooper, who plays the lesbian ghost roommate character who makes off-the-wall fly-on-the-wall comments for the benefit of us viewers. That's where I first saw Michael Fassbender, who plays Nephilim leader Azazeal (isn't it supposed to be spelled Azazael?) who is hell-bent on fathering a hybrid child on his generations of witch lovers, in order to let loose the 200 Nephilim upon the unsuspecting 21st century world. Fassbender was next seen in 300 as Stelios, the Spartan who takes a running leap at Xerxes with his spear. He is The Hotness.

Just before Hex I really enjoyed watching Anna Paquin as vampire lover Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood. In my opinion the show is BETTER than Twilight. Am looking for the Sookie Stackhouse books on which it is based. Too bad the series' second season will not air in the US until June. I rather liked the rednekkidness of the show. Yes, by that I mean lots of rednecks and lots of nekkidness. It gives you an insight into why you can't take Louisiana out of Britney Spears.

7) Where do I want to return?

Binondo, for a longer walking tour that lets me pass by Eng Bee Tin for hopia and machang and have my picture beside the church and the famous ube-colored firetruck.

Bataan, for quality time with TDM.

Bacolod, so I can spend more time with my cousins.

Boracay, to get a bit of happy sun, sand and surf.

Baguio, for nice leather bags from the UK (that's ukay-ukay to you).

Hmmm, those are all B's. Next I should go to Batangas and Bohol...

8) What are you excited about?

I will be attending a bookbinding workshop given by paper artist Loreto Apilado in May. Even though I don't know how much it is yet. That's three Saturdays.

9) What do you think about Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman?

She is a menace to society, a burden to US taxpayers, and needs psychiatric treatment for being so selfish about wanting to bring children into the world to feed her own ego.

10) What is your advice to Rihanna?

It's a vicious cycle, sister. You think you don't want to throw away the time you invested on an immature insincere no-good bull-headed power-tripping [expletive] [derogatory noun]? You're only 21! You have nothing but time. There is absolutely no reason in the world why you should allow yourself to be treated like crap. Chris Brown does NOT deserve you. Chris Brown deserves to be IN JAIL.

When you work in the entertainment industry don't give me bull about how it's none of my business. If I see you on tv or listen to you or read about you and it's because you are a public figure, so it IS my business. Listen to Oprah.

Listen to Oprah. She's the best umbrella you could have in the business.