Thursday, August 18, 2005

Love's Labours Lost

A friend emailed me recently about her bruised heart:

Girl is strongly attracted to eccentric hottie who claimed there was definitely something between them, short of declaring to the world that they were an item. When asked, Eccentric Hottie once said to a colleague of Girl: "Yes, we went out on a date." Girl is ecstatic to be so acknowledged. To make a long story short, the commitment phobe in Eccentric Hottie couldn't resist coming out, and a few weeks later, he stops communicating with her. No explanations. It's a few days to her birthday, and she feels miserable, not knowing why things turned out that way. Classic.

My reply: I think from the beginning there was something seriously wrong with the way his head is wired. He's different from the usual run of people, you'll just have to accept that... just let him go. Of course you'll hurt and all, which is the real shitty part, but if you try to stop dwelling on why he is the way he is, you can cease blaming yourself if you think you were the one who did something wrong. If we all thought that the guys we loved and didn't love/appreciate us back tricked us, pharmaceutical companies would rule the world. I know... and right now the pharmaceutical companies are already rich.

I sent the email but forgot to add: And chocolate manufacturers are making a killing. Collateral damage, anyone?