Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Three Dreams

Been having a spate of dreams lately.

First. I dreamed that a noisy group of friends visits me at home. We decide to go out to watch a movie, and pile into the elevator. Suddenly the elevator crashes one floor down. Everyone gets up, a bit bruised and shaken, with one girl getting hysterical. My first urge is to slap her, but instead I do the practical thing and push the emergency button.

Second. I dreamed that Amy and I went to market. On our way home we decide to ride shotgun on a big motorcycle, like the ones they have as public transport in Camiguin. Because there are two of us riding behind the driver, the motorcycle ride is relatively slow. However, when we try to traverse a hump, Amy and I get bumped off and fall to the ground. Laughing, we end up walking home with our marketing.

Third. I am walking home to our old house in UP. I pass through the AS First Pavilion corridor, where there seems to be a lot of people milling about. Apparently there is a cinematic screen test going on in one of the rooms. A man approaches me and asks me to try out for a Joan Collins-ish "Dynasty"-type character. To my surprise, I later win the role.

So much for the subconscious, eh?