Saturday, April 18, 2009

Access Woes

This afternoon when I was accessing emails from my cellphone I sort of blocked one of my own email accounts. I can use the password on mobile mode, but not from my desktop! Grrr!!! Sadly, I am not able to reset my password because I'd forgotten that my secondary email address they sent the temporary password to is now defunct. @#$%^&*!!!

I have no idea at this time whether I can retrieve my account, but I did set up some redundancies for this very situation. Thank goodness for Scribefire. I can access my Blogger blogs because some time ago I set Scribefire to automatically publish new entries without my having to use my Gmail!

If, like me, you are a Mozilla Firefox 3 fan, this is one extension you can't live without. (And if you don't have FF3 yet, why, maybe it's about time you do. Check it out here.)

Open Source rules!!!

Update: About 15 minutes later, I find I can access my account again! YAY! My second report filed to Gmail got verified.