Saturday, April 18, 2009

Michelle Pfeiffer in "Cheri" (2009) - Trailer

Am a Michelle Pfeiffer fan. Am also a fan of period movies - Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Edith Wharton, belle epoque, men-in-wigs (term borrowed from Dondi Limgenco), WW1 & 2, you name it. Am also a Colette fan, although I've never read the book Cheri. The first one I read was The Shackle, followed by Gigi (later turned into that famous movie starring Leslie Caron, which I loved because I learned a new word, "ortolans"), and later, My Mother's House/Sido). I recommend her short novels if you enjoy reading about antebellum life and manners.

Photo courtesy of CineFanatico on Flickr. The costumes are GORGEOUS.

A few minor things bother me, such as Michelle Pfeiffer's Hollywood gauntness. I would have thought aging courtesans had bodies more like Helen Mirren's (a fuller, lusher figure). As it is, she reminds me of - ulk - Nancy Reagan. In a good way, with less shoulder pads. Rupert Friend, in his modern roles, appears more interesting than he is as the dissolute Cheri. You might as well have cast Robert Pattinson in the role - he nailed "pretty". This would have been perfect for a younger Jude Law, even a younger Rupert Everett.

All this, from a trailer! In any case, I'm going to watch this when it comes out. Here's another movie clip on YouTube, you will see what I mean about gauntness.

P. S. I still don't know how to import a Youtube video to Blogger, so this is how it goes for the meantime (I upload to my Multiply first, and then link here).